New Century Custom Cabinets Inc.

Custom Cabinets for Residential and Commercial.

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Company Profile

     We are located in the heart of San Francisco Bay shore industrial area. We offer the best in residential and commercial cabinets. Our professional design services will give you a loyalty and the valuable suggestions. Our experienced cabinet makers will show you our high quality products. 

     We offer a wide variety of front finishes—solid wood, veneers, laminates, glass and lacquers.

     The interior of the cabinets are highest standard domestic natural finished maple plywood, with solid natural maple dovetail drawer system.

     Our system is available in three distinct cabinet styles: modern, timeless, and traditional.

     Come to us, you will feel at home. 



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Adds: 275 Barneveld Ave. San Francisco Ca 94124

Tel: (415) 826-2298

Fax: (415) 826-2083

Email: [email protected]